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【Activity content:】

Players can claim prizes according to the number of match win in the World Cup 【Early F.T.1×2】 they bet on.

Prize 1: Players who win 64 games in a row will get Perodua Ativa

Prize 2: Players who win 58 or above will get Yamaha Motor 135lc

Prize 3: Players who win more than 35 games can get real jerseys or tv boxes (choose 1 from 2)

【Rules and Conditions:】

  1. Calculated based on the betting results of the World Cup 【Early F.T.1×2】 bets.
  2. Only Maxbet bets can participate in this activity.
  3. Bets placed in Live will not be counted.
  4. If more than 2 types of bets (home team, away team, draw) are bought at the same time in the same game, the bet will be considered invalid and will not be counted in the number of wins.
  5. Multiple bets on the same event, such as betting on 5 single bets for the home team to win, will only be regarded as 1 victory.
  6. For any improper behavior, fraudulent tampering or violation of this activity, the MYGAME organizer reserves the right to disqualify the activity, withdraw the benefits and bonuses generated by the activity, and the MYGAME company has the right to cancel and withdraw any settlement bonus and freeze members Funds and the right to close member accounts.
  7. MYGAME company reserves the right to change, stop, cancel the discount or claim back all the discounts paid at any time, and any objection will not be entertained.
  8. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to MYGAME Company.

Unlimited Daliy Cash Rebate

Get a wonderful cash rebate up to 0.10%-2.0% daily!

Events Details:

1. The daily rebate period will begin at 12:00PM and end at 11:59AM

Product Rebate %
Lives BG 0.8
Lives AG 0.8
Lives AE 0.8
Lives Casino 0.2~0.6
Slots 0.1~0.7
Poker 0.4
Sports&Esports 0.5
Horse 1.0
4D 0.5
grand dragon 4d 2.0

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. This offer is open to all members who are active in our company.
  2. This offer is open to all active MY GAME members. There is no upper limit on the amount of the discount, and withdrawals can be made without any turnover.
  3. Any bet on MY GAME online casino games will enjoy a rebate of 0.1%-2.0% .
  4. The minimum withdrawal amount is RM100, and there is no limit on the maximum withdrawal amount.
  5. This offer can be combined with other offers. For detailed rules, please refer to other event rules.
  6. This offer will be settled in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and will be deposited into the member’s main wallet after 2:30PM every day.
  7. If a member is found to have engaged in illegal activities such as low-risk betting, no-risk betting, and gambling, our company has the right to close his account and cancel all bonuses and profits.
  8. Any draws, bets, invalid or canceled bets will not be counted in the effective bet amount of the discount.
  9. This promotion will be valid for a long time and any changes will be notified separately.
  10. Our company’s offers are specially designed for players. If any group or individual is found to be dishonestly extracting bonuses or making any threats, abusing the company’s offers, etc., the company reserves the right to freeze or cancel the group or individual account. and account balances.
  11. Our company has the right of final judgment and decision of this offer, as well as the right to modify or terminate the activity without notice, which applies to all offers.
  12. General terms and conditions apply here.


Introduce your friend MY GAME to have more rebates!

Events Details:

  1. Click on the QR code below the homepage to enter [Personal Center] to get or directly share your recommendation link or recommendation code.
  2. Users able to view their commission information daily from [Personal Center].
  3. Users must collect theirs commission daily after 3:00PM by apply the commision amount from [Withdraw Commision], the commision amount will be automatically approved after application.
  4. All related information can be obtained in [Personal Center]-[Referral Information]

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This cash rebates is valid for all MY GAME players.
  2. This rebates have no minimum and maximum pay-out. The bonus can be withdrawal without turnover needed.
  3. This promotion can be used conjunction with other promotions.
  4. All rebates will be credited to your account wallet daily by 3:30PM.
  5. If a member is found to bet on low-risk bets, no-risk bets, gambling behaviors or other violations, MyGame has the rights to terminate the account, winnings & bonuses.
  6. MY GAME reserves the right to freeze the account balance and disqualify players if any group, collusion or any foul play takes place in the promotion.
  7. MY GAME reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the promotion and/or change the terms of the said promotion at any time without prior notice.
  8. General OUR COMPANY Terms & Conditions apply.


Very Simple & Easy!

Starting from June 2021, play any Slot & FIsh games, and reach the required valid bet slip and bet amount, you can automatically participate, no registration is required!

“Daily Wagers” achieve at least or more than 1

“Daily Turnover” achieve at least or more than RM10

Total prize of money up to RM44,660!!!